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  • WATER AND SANITATION - Our projects rehabilitate or construct communal water points.

  • ALLIANCE FARMING - Encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources

  • PEACEBUILDING - we trained 760 community members in conflict mediation and established 19 dialogue platforms

  • WHO ARE THE MBORORO - In Cameroon Mbororo are found all over the national territory under four Lamidats

  • MBORORO CULTURE - The main socio-cultural code for Mbororo–Fulani group is known as pulaaku

Challenges Faced by the Mbororo Fulani


Challenges Faced by the Mbororo Fulani.

 Perhaps it is the lack of knowledge about Mbororo culture and the problems they face, which has served to almost wholly marginalize them from mainstream Cameroon society. The Mbororo-Fulani are in conflicts with indigenous farmers, ranchers and among themselves. Insecurity of land tenure and lack of technical skills detract them from investing in their environment.

Bushfire, deforestations and encroaching agriculture are process, which are currently restricting the livestock production capacity of their pastures. Although a significant tax contributor, the Mbororo receives virtually very little state support. Level of illiteracy is high (86%) in some communities (Waddington, 1997). The low esteem in which woman are held detracts from Mbororo incapacity to modernise due to complex cultural issues, orthodox approaches to facilitating development processes, among the Mbororo-Fulani have consistently failed (Woazeneh, 2001). 

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