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  • WATER AND SANITATION - Our projects rehabilitate or construct communal water points.

  • ALLIANCE FARMING - Encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources

  • PEACEBUILDING - we trained 760 community members in conflict mediation and established 19 dialogue platforms

  • WHO ARE THE MBORORO - In Cameroon Mbororo are found all over the national territory under four Lamidats

  • MBORORO CULTURE - The main socio-cultural code for Mbororo–Fulani group is known as pulaaku


The Mbororos are predominantly Muslims. Given the fact that they have limited knowledge of the religion, they have mixed it with their culture thereby negatively affecting their development initiatives.

The birth of MBOSCUDA has changed the above negative aspects through its interventions in various domains which include:

-          Islam and Gender

-          Socio-economic aspects of the community

-          Education (Islam and Western).


This has gone a long way to reforming the Mbororo community by changing their mentalities and diversifying from the negative cultures to be more focused and creative.


MBSOCUDA has also formed Religio-cultural committees in all the divisions of the North-West Province constituting Islamic clerics. This forum is also used to combat some negative cultures and create awareness on Islam and good practice. So far, 45 clerics have been involved in this forum and are actively performing their roles/responsibilities.

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