For over 20 years MBoscuda has been promoting the importance of education to our rural communities.  

Not only have we supplied teaching materials and equipment but we have built 5 schools in the North-West province.  Fundamental to this initiative has been the renewed value of education that the community now feels which is helping us to advocate for the government to build more schools and support the community schools already in place.

Religion and Development

MBoscuda works with communities to enable them to understand how their Islamic faith can help support the development initiatives that they are involved in.

We have formed Religio-cultural committees in all of the division of the North-West province which has actively involved 45 Islamic clerics.  These forums have been used to create awareness of Islam and good practice.


Encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources

Our initiatives encourage grazers and farmers to work together to find sustainable ways to use the land for the benefit of both communities.


Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we have developed 58 alliance farming pairs meaning that the number of households taking up alliance farming has increased by 5% and that the number of households taking up improved pasture techniques has increased by 19% due to our work in this area. 

As part of our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we have enabled the MBororo grazers and the farmers, who they have previously been in conflict with, to improve their use of natural resources through Alliance Farming.

Alliance farming has been promoted as a way to improve crop yield, cattle health and through collaboration between farmers and grazers and we have seen a gradual take up of sustainable and shared agricultural practices. In particular the use of improved pasture as an alternative to cattle feed source which has increased significantly.  

The measures that this project have encouraged over the past three years have improved the sustainable practices of different groups within the community including:

  • The number of households taking up alliance farming and the number of households taking up improved pasture techniques increased over the life of the project. Almost all of the farmer household who engaged in alliance farming have reported improved crop yields and the grazer households engaged in alliance farming report improved cattle health.


  • The proportion of grazers who have adopted the use of improved pasture increased by over 20%.




Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we trained 760 community members in conflict mediation and established 19 dialogue platforms where they could utilise these newly acquired skills to restore and maintain peaceful relations with their neighbours.

Access to clean and safe water

Our projects rehabilitate or construct communal water points.

In 2016 we provided over 45,000 people (herders and croppers) with access to safe water and trained 9 Water Management Committees to ensure the equitable and efficient management of the improved water points.

Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we have increased the knowledge of our communities about the prevention of water pollution and the usage of clean and safe water has increased significantly.  

• Three Water Catchment Protection areas set up, 13 water stand taps provided and 10 Water Management Committees created or restructured. 

• We have reduced the number of households who are still using streams, rivers and waterholes for drinking water.  We are still working with grazers to increase their uses of water stand taps.

• Water catchment protection has had a positive bridge-building effect, collaboration in the sustainable use of water in the communities increased significantly.


We will continue set up water provision to limit the competition between people and cattle over access to clean water.  It is a priority to construct clean and safe drinking water sources/catchments and setting up and enhancing water management committees.  MBoscuda are working with international partners to secure funding for more Water Catchment Protection Area and Water Management Committees.


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