MBoscuda stands for the Mbororo Social and Cultural Association.  Since 1987 it has been helping people in the northwest region of Cameroon find long term solutions to issues of inequality and poverty.

Our vision is for a peaceful Cameroon where Mbororo pastoralists secure sustainable development and equal rights in a healthy environment.

Working in partnership with our target communities in all 7 divisions of North West Cameroon we have enabled strong grassroots networks and delivered projects that continue to make a difference in meeting basic needs and support rural development.

Through an inclusive bottom-up approach we empower communities and build robust partnerships that support local partners such as NGOs, government agencies, community based organisations and small scale organisations to promote sustainable development.

We try to bring the Mbororo communities together with other groups where they graze and live to increase understanding and support the recognition of the rights of the Mbororo people.

We also have strong relationships with international bodies such as the European Union, Electric Aid and Concern Universal who continue to support our methods and projects.


MBoscuda is a registered social-cultural association and operates in Cameroon under an authorisation by the Ministry of Territorial Development and Decentralisation (MINDAT).



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