Now, let’s pull the threads together. Even then, it was abundantly clear to all participants that the MBOSCUDA initiative was an uphill task that needed foresight, tact, perseverance and might in realising its set goals and objectives. Some seven years later, it has certainly come a long way and overcome many an obstacle but it is even more abundantly clear again that an even longer stretch still lies ahead. It may have lesser or more huddles to confront. 

We can not know. But one thing we can be sure of, the future depends on the decisions and actions we undertake today. And this is really saying something. Nothing, in my own eyes, perhaps, best describes the Mbororo-MBOSCUDA venture and its raison d’être than the words of my Filipino friend, Daniel Ocampo, who during the United Nations World Summit for Social Development held in Copenhagen Denmark (March 1995), wrote on a UFO placard.

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