To increase the rate of scholarisation was a major objective of MBOSCUDA from inception. Therefore the need to create adequate awareness about education in the Mbororo communities was a priority. In doing this, MBOSCUDA encouraged Mbororo people who had access to educational facilities to send their children to school, while those who didn’t have access to schools due to their settlement pattern (distance), to initiate community based schools. About 45 community schools were then created by the communities. There after, most of the schools collapsed due to lack of skills in management. MBOSCUDA could not let this out of hand and started initiating the provision of technical and financial support to boost the scholarisation. With this, must Mbororo people have now become very aware of the need of education and have taken up their roles and responsibilities by themselves.

Before the sensitisation campaigns started around 1994, scholarisation rate in the Mbororo community was below 5%. But in 2005 it has risen to about 15% (Mbororo school census 2005, done by MBOSCUDA).



When the Mbororo people (community) realised the value of education through the massive campaign by MBOSCUDA, many schools were created in the Mbororo settlements, while others enrolled their children in nearby schools.

However, MBOSCUDA North-West has developed a strategy in supporting the schools through constructions, supply of didactic materials and furniture. Today, MBOSCUDA has succeeded in constructing 05 schools in the North-West Province. These schools include G.S. Nyang, G S Akewto and Islamic primary school Chako all in Donga-Mantung division. Others are Government School Hill-Top, Bamunka in Ngoketunjia Division and Community school Mbam in Boyo Division. MBOSCUDA is also lobbying for the schools to be taken up and managed by the government. So far, some schools have been already taken through this process. The government has supported the idea of constructing schools in the Mbororo settlements. A glaring example is G S Koplap, G S Kopin- Up and G S Mile 10 Santa-Akum all in Mezam division. MBOSCUDA has supported some 20 schools with didactic materials annually from 2003 – 2005. It is strongly believed that this initiative will continue in the future.



MBOSCUDA is also sponsoring some Mbororo youths in various institutions in the country, most of whom are in secondary and professional schools. This program started in the year 2000. Over the past period, more that 20 students have benefited from the program. Currently Mboscuda is sponsoring three students in Law Schools

While in 2005 MBOSCUDA in collaboration with PLAN- Cameroon (an International organization) has embarked on sponsoring about 150 Mbororo female students in the North-West Province. 

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