Capacity Building

MBOSCUDA carries out capacity building training for both it staff and members in the areas of organizational development, Para-legal extension, REFLECT, Social Drama etc.

 Trainings are both internal and external.

 Agro-pastoral Development:

  The cattle in particular is an intergral part of the Mbororos life. In fact, the socio-economic and cultural life of the Mbororo Fulani is totally dependent on the cow. When he is separated from his cow his life is ruined.

      The Mbororo pastoralists in Cameroon like in other parts of Africa face severe problems with their livestock that theatens their survival and this has been a serious matter of concern for the Cameroon state, the pastoralists themselves and some Non Governmental Organisations. some of the key problems include; discrimination against the pastoralists by other ethnic groups, environmental degredation which has affected the productivity and production of their livestock. Diseases and lack of land rights with frequent conflicts with the farming communities are other serious issues of concern.

        Since the creation of MBOSCUDA it has as one of its key objectives to improve upon agro- pastoral practices to ensure maximum protection of their environment as well contribute and participate in all possible undertakings aimed at better management of the grazing land, the environment and other livestock production domains.

       Since 1992 MBOSUDA has embarked on massive  sensitization, education and campaigns within and   without the pastoralist communities to improve the Agro-pastoral sector that is always plaqued with complicated problems.


MBOSUDA in colaboration with its partners and the Cameroon state with other secondary stakeholders seeks to create a condusive and friendly environment for the peaceful cohabitation of the farmers and the grazers.It also has a five years development plan to holistically address the major problems  including securing and imroving the grazing lands that affect the Mbororo pastoralits and their livestock. 

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