Health education is an integral part of MBOSCUDA’s activities which seeks to promote good health for the targeted Mbororo population. In this domain, MBOSCUDA works in collaboration with partners like Provincial Technical Group (PTG), Plan International and CARE-Cameroon. Below is a brief presentation of what MBOSCUDA has been able to do so far in this domain in collaboration with the different partners.


a)      MBOSCUDA/ PLAN-HACI ( Hope for the African Children Initiative)

The MBOSCUDA/PLAN-HACI project is a synthesis of HIV/AIDS awareness creation and support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) who are as a result of the pandemic and very poor backgrounds. This project is currently going on in collaboration with PLAN-Bamenda specifically. Activities involved in the project include:

         HIV/AIDS/ circle of hope trainings carried out in 10 Mbororo communities. With these trainings more than 350 Mbororo women, men and youths have been sensitised and enrolled in the fight against HIV/AIDS and 844 OVCs identified.

         Support to some OVCs in the North-West Province with basic school needs and fees. It is important to note that much still needs to done in this light.

         Educated the community members on the importance of supporting OVCs in their respective communities. The aim of this was to enable participants to know that supporting OVCs is not an exclusive activity of the NGOs and other organisations but that of the community members as well.


b)    MBOSCUDA / Provincial Technical Group (PTG)

         In collaboration with the Provincial Technical Group (PTG) for the fight against HIV/AIDS, all MBOSCUDA Staff have been trained on the fight against HIV/Aids

         PTG has also sponsored a training workshop on HIV/AIDS with MBOSCUDA.


c)     MBOSCUDA/CARE- Cameroon

The MBOSCUDA/ CARE Project is the most recent. It will last for a year (August 2005-July 2006). This project embarks on the following activities:

  •          Mobilisation, sensitisation and training on HIV/AIDS of at least 400 Mbororo men, women and youths in 10 targeted communities. 
  •          Voluntary counselling and testing of at least 100 people in the targeted communities.
  •          Support provided for the treatment of at least 10 identified people living with HIV/AIDS.
  •          Provision of financial assistance and necessary trainings on income generating activities to at least 4 of the 10 targeted communities.
  •          Provide support (education and nutrition) to at least 40 orphans identified in the targeted communities.


It is worth noting that MBOSCUDA as an umbrella organisation of Mbororos has been setting up a series of strategies to fight HIV/AIDS within the Mbororo communities. In this light therefore, MBOSCUDA has put in place a monitoring mechanism to ensure the sustainability of the above mentioned projects. The organisation and communities have also been sourcing up support to a number of OVCs identified through the projects.


Also, in the adult literacy component of MBOSCUDA, HIV/AIDS modules are facilitated by the staff, paralegals and community facilitators to participants. Finally, in every Mbororo gathering where MBOSCUDA is present, sensitisation messages are always echoed to the audience.

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