MBOSCUDA YOUTH GROUP has been an active component in MBOSCUDA activities since inception in the early part of 1990’s. Thus in this wise the MBOSCUDA YOUTH GROUP has actively participated in the research in community problems, preparation and acting of Role Plays in the numerous communities accessed by MBOSCUDA.

Actually SOCIAL DRAMA has for many years been used as a tool to foster change among rural communities for positive and meaningful participatory development.

Since the inception of MBOSCUDA as a non-profit making, apolitical development organization which focuses its attention solely at alleviating poverty among the Mbororo people who are its sole target; the organization has focused its attention in many domains. Some of which are:

  • Education of the youths irrespective of gender. This has been emphasized for more than a decade. Thus to measure the success of this program, MBOSCUDA decided to carry out a census of all Mbororo youths attending school from nursery through to university level. In this 2005 census the attendance has increased from around 5% before 1995 to 15% in 2005. In it we discover that there is still much to be done.
  • Micro-credit to empower women of the rural communities. Through this over 15 groups have benefited from this scheme with a lot of enthusiasm.
  •  Agro Pastoral scheme to improve pasture and livestock that are dwindling at an alarming rate.
  • The formation of circles within communities for adult literacy through REFLECT (Regenerated Frerian Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques). This technique helps adults who have never been to school to learn how to read and write.


Through these laudable ideas MBOSCUDA came up with the idea that she can only succeed with the involvement of youths. This can be attained through social drama.

Hence the name SIDO FORUM which is an acronym for PLAY in the Fulfulde dialect.


SIDO FORUM started as a tool to foster change among the Mbororo Communities around the year 1996 and since then has carved a niche for themselves in the communities they serve. Today the group numbers up to twenty young and dynamic individuals most of whom are students and few who are in business and other activities. These youths speak English, French, Pidgin English and of course Fulfulde the dialect of the Mbororo. 

The state of the Cameroonian youth is in a sorry state in view of the failing and disgraceful economic state today. The high level of unemployment worsens the position of the Mbororo youths who have managed to attend school in the sense that jobs are unavailable and where there are it is so competitive that those with no ‘god fathers’ are likely never to have jobs. Life becomes so frustrating for both the youth and his parents there by strengthening the sceptism of ever doubting parents about the importance of education thereby increasing the difficulties for MBOSCUDA in this domain.

The dropout level among Mbororo youths is also very at all levels of education. The girl child is even in the worst position as she is neglected so long as education is concerned and prepares only to manage the home of a potential husband and nothing else.

The over dependency of women on their husbands for both material and financial support is also one disturbing issue. This led to the Micro-Credit scheme and REFLECT.

From the above frustrations MBOSCUDA decided to come up remedial ideas and to use this dynamic youth group to through “role plays” deliver messages for positive change.


The youth group is trained and then followed by annual refresher courses so as to re-oriented them with research, preparation and presentation of sound and meaningful role plays hat do touch on the daily worries of the Mbororo Communities.

Their plays touch on issues such as:

  • Farmer/Grazier conflicts to which it has become an endemic problem. The drama attracts the attention of both Farmers and Graziers.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and sensitization through drama. All communities are targeted.
  • Education- emphasize on the importance of education and particularly girl child discrimination to be eliminated.
  • Negative consequences of early marriages against education.
  • Encouragement of economic diversification rather than to depend on cattle alone. This reduces the risk factors incase of disasters such as cattle diseases out break or drought.
  • Corruption within the Administration is highlighted.


Some youth groups are also assisted by MBOSCUDA in various forms in carrying out their activities.

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