Access to clean and safe water

Our projects rehabilitate or construct communal water points.

In 2016 we provided over 45,000 people (herders and croppers) with access to safe water and trained 9 Water Management Committees to ensure the equitable and efficient management of the improved water points.

Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we have increased the knowledge of our communities about the prevention of water pollution and the usage of clean and safe water has increased significantly.  

• Three Water Catchment Protection areas set up, 13 water stand taps provided and 10 Water Management Committees created or restructured. 

• We have reduced the number of households who are still using streams, rivers and waterholes for drinking water.  We are still working with grazers to increase their uses of water stand taps.

• Water catchment protection has had a positive bridge-building effect, collaboration in the sustainable use of water in the communities increased significantly.


We will continue set up water provision to limit the competition between people and cattle over access to clean water.  It is a priority to construct clean and safe drinking water sources/catchments and setting up and enhancing water management committees.  MBoscuda are working with international partners to secure funding for more Water Catchment Protection Area and Water Management Committees.


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