How was MBoscuda formed?

In the 1980s a number of different groups started up across Cameroon, but principally in the North West, to consider how the Mbororo people could work together to improve the lives of their communities.

By 1987 this lead to establishment of three groups by Mbororo people focused on the development of their communities.

From the beginning grassroots involvement from the community was key to their success.  In order to secure more support an open meeting was called without a set agenda to discuss the issues that people thought were important for the MBororo people and needed to be addressed.  Members of the three existing groups were invited as well as anyone else interested in the formation of an Mbororo Organisation.

This first meeting was held in 1992 in Yaounde, the issues addressed were:

• What do we preserve of our past and what do we change to adapt it to our constantly changing environment?

• What are the most important issues affecting the Mbororo community?

• How to challenge the practices that have put the Mbororo people at a disadvantage without causing conflict with those who want to maintain the status quo?

As the community did not have a history of communal organisation, few educated people to work for the organisation and no training in group management it was difficult for this new organisation to find ways to stand up to more powerful members of society who sought to repress them.

However from the Yaounde Constitutive Assembly a number of key decisions were made after two days of intensive debate.  The decided to be called Mbororo not Fulani and stressed the importance of their relationship with cattle and cattle herding tradition and that it was key to their identity as a people.

On 31 May 1992 – the assembly of 200 Ardobe (Mbororo Community Leaders) including men, women and young people declared their commitment to the MBoscuda initiative.

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How was MBoscuda formed?

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