Mbororo culture


The main socio-cultural code for Mbororo–Fulani group is known as pulaaku, it is believed by the Mbororo Fulani to be specific to their pastoral group and provides a moral framework and code of conduct.

It is based on their history of Nomadic pastoralism and good animal husbandry and includes duties to elders and wives and arrangement of marriages.

The four major points of Pulaaku are:

• Munyal – Fortitude in adversity and ability to accept misfortune

• Hakkiilo – Common Sense and Manners

• Semteende – Reserve and modesty in personal relations

• Neddaku – Dignity

This code can sometimes be seen as a factor that unifies the Mbororo-Fulani but that causes tensions with other groups.  The work of MBoscuda seeks to preserve this culture whilst working and interacting with other groups in Cameroon society and increasing the awareness of the MBoscuda people.

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Mbororo culture

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