Staff of Mboscuda Commit to Properly Implement BTG Project

The staff of the Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association (MBOSCUDA) has made the commitment to ensure an effective and efficient implementation the project Bridging the Gap: Safeguarding Peace and Human Rights by Promoting Intercultural Dialogue in the North West Region of Cameroon.

This was during a meeting that held at MBOSCUDA’s conference hall recently.


The Programme Co-ordinator Sali Django appreciated the staff for a job well done with the last project that phased out in June 2018 and encouraged them to leave their comfort zones because unlike the past project, the new one is more abstract.


The Human Rights and Monitoring and Evaluation Officers (Duni Jeido and Alhadji Usmanu Sali) both did a presentation on a draft reporting template to the 7 Divisional Para- Legals. They unanimously agreed that a deadline for submission of reports shall be every 15th day of the last month in a quarter. The PEOs were reminded on their roles as concerns this project, while the role of the Media and Communication Officer were highlighted.


Elhadji Haruna Umaru was given the floor to share with the other para-legals on how his work with Dialogue Platform members has gained recognition with the administration in Menchum Division and through this, he obtainedan office to sustain his activities. This was necessary because the funding of the past project In Search of Common Ground may have come to an end but its activities continue.


The current project that is funded by the European Union focuses on the promotion of intercultural dialogue as a means to reducing inter-ethnic conflicts and promoting cultural rights across the region and also to influence public decisions and policies to be more responsive to the cultural identities and rights of minorities with a specific focus on the Mbororo-Fulani ethnic group.



This action is in line with the interest  of United Purpose (UP) and its partners in the NWR, MBOSCUDA and the NorthWest Farmers Organization (NOWEFOR) which builds on UP and MBOSCUDA’S 5-year In Search of Common Ground Project addressing farmer-grazer conflicts in the NWR. The project targets 47 existing dialogue platforms, 20 municipal councils of the region, and women forums and youth associations in 20 councils.

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