Challenges Faced by the Mbororo Fulani

  Challenges Faced by the Mbororo Fulani.  Perhaps it is the lack of knowledge about Mbororo culture and the problems they face, which has served to almost wholly marginalize them from mainstream Cameroon society. The Mbororo-Fulani are in conflicts with indigenous farmers, ranchers and among themselves. Insecurity of land tenure and lack of technical skills […]


A) ‘Pulaaku’ The main socio-cultural code for Mbororo–Fulani group is known as pulaaku, a code of behaviour and ethos believed by them to be peculiar to and distinctive of the pastoral Mbororo-Fulani (Kirk-Greene 1986: 42). ‘Pulaaku’ provides both a moral framework and a code of conduct to the pastoral Mbororo- Fulani, and is also maintained […]

History of the Mbororo–Fulani

The question about the origin of the Mbororo-Fulani remains unanswered in the annals of history although the bulk of the speculations are similar. Several scholars have shown interest in the identity of the Mbororo-Fulani; however a satisfactory conclusion has not yet been reached. Despite this seeming loophole, various theories have been exposed relating to the […]