Religion and Development

MBoscuda works with communities to enable them to understand how their Islamic faith can help support the development initiatives that they are involved in. We have formed Religio-cultural committees in all of the division of the North-West province which has actively involved 45 Islamic clerics.  These forums have been used to create awareness of Islam […]


Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we trained 760 community members in conflict mediation and established 19 dialogue platforms where they could utilise these newly acquired skills to restore and maintain peaceful relations with their neighbours.

Encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources

Our initiatives encourage grazers and farmers to work together to find sustainable ways to use the land for the benefit of both communities.   Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we have developed 58 alliance farming pairs meaning that the number of households taking up alliance farming has increased by 5% and that […]

Access to clean and safe water

Our projects rehabilitate or construct communal water points. In 2016 we provided over 45,000 people (herders and croppers) with access to safe water and trained 9 Water Management Committees to ensure the equitable and efficient management of the improved water points. Through our project ‘In Search of Common Ground’ we have increased the knowledge of […]