Just as it is a general role that almost everything must have a beginning, it is also true that if we put everything together, one idea brings us to the next. So the existence of the Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association of Cameroon – MBOSCUDA is, therefore, no accident. Everything put together, it is […]


STRUCTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION MBOSCUDA is national organization with head quarter in the nation’s capital Yaounde. It has regional organs and structures in eight of Cameroon ten provinces. Just like Mbororo identity and value system cannot be separated from cattle, the issues of rights and development are also inseparable to the Mbororo-Fulani. MBOSCUDA is therefore […]


Objectives of MBOSCUDA ·         Reinforce unity ties between its members, as well as with other peoples, through discussion, cooperation, social integration and tolerance. ·         Promote the economic, social, political and cultural development of the Mbororo especially the women with a view to ameliorating their standards of living. ·         Promote the education of the Mbororo especially […]


Though the organization has achieve quite much locally, nationally and internationally, much still has to be done at the grass root level considering the insufficient capacity and ability to identify the salient issues or important facts of any problem and present them in a manner and language that would make immediate meaning to a third […]


Mboscuda mission statement—Constitutional Preamble The beginning of wisdom is knowledge of the self.  The second step to this is the recognition of and the upholding of what one has.  The third step is the making of conscious effort at preserving what one has got while at the same time striving to acquire what one has […]


MBoscuda stands for the Mbororo Social and Cultural Association.  Since 1987 it has been helping people in the northwest region of Cameroon find long term solutions to issues of inequality and poverty.